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To write an autobiography start by making a timeline of your most important life events that you feel you could write about then identify the main characters in your life story including family members ex boyfriends or girlfriends friends and enemieseveryone has a story to tell no matter who you are your life is worth talking about the best way to preserve your personal history is by recording it as a biography or autobiography not only will this activity help you put your experiences into perspective they can be a great source of inspiration and comfort to your life story or autobiography should contain the basic framework that any essay should have with four basic elements begin with an introduction that includes a thesis statement followed by a body containing at least several paragraphs if not several chaptersto complete the autobiography youll need a strong conclusion all the while crafting an interesting narrative with a themeto write an autobiographical essay choose a story from your own life that youre excited to share consider who your audience is when selecting a story and go with something that will appeal to them next create an outline for your essay to help you organize all of your thoughtsthe secret by this point of the conversation i was starting to feel very encouraged the missing secret for many of us who havent even been able to write a paragraph or two could just be in the idea that writing our autobiography or life story needs to start off as a story not the story if you are having problems writing even that first sentence the problem is probably

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